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We're finally open and we couldn’t be more excited to see you all again! We've made many changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic to help keep everyone safe. As information is changing daily, we are keeping up-to-date with it all and are implementing changes as needed. We assure you that you will still be given the same level of awesome service!

Professional Tattoo and Piercing

Quality Body Piercing Services in Brampton

At the Tattoo & Piercing School of Canada, we offer professional body piercing services in Brampton in a safe and hygienic manner. Our innovative and experienced artists keep consulting you regarding your ideas throughout the body piercing process and strive to bring your dynamic concept to fruition during the final piercing procedure. We work with a range of body piercing styles, including microdermal piercing and ensure that your personality is reflected in the body art. Visit our studio in Brampton to talk to our artists about your body piercing ideas today.



Small Tattoos

You have a choice of getting a small tattoo from either our regular, more experienced tattoo artist at full price, or from our apprentices at a lower price. Please note that the rates are subject to our shop minimum.

Tattoos by Regular Artists

Given below are the rates for tattoos done by our regular artists:


  • Our shop minimum is $120.

  • Numbing cream is available for $15.

  • Most tattoos are priced by the piece. For big pieces such as huge back tattoos, sleeves, and more, we charge $140 per hour + $50 to $100 for custom artwork creation if required.

Tattoos by Apprentices in Affiliation with Exquizeet Tattoo & Piercing Studio

You will be paying only for materials ($40) if performed by an apprentice. Since we have limited slots, it is recommended to book appointments in advance with full payment. To secure the appointment, send an email transfer/Interac transfer to or by phone with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Diners, or enRoute.

Note: The tattoo should be small (within 3" x 3") and simple, such as a name on the wrist, a star on the nape, a horoscope symbol on the ankle, or a small butterfly on the shoulder. You can also choose one from our book of Tattoos by an Apprentice. All procedures are performed by our apprentices.

Body Piercings

Body Piercings by Our Regular Piercers

Have a look at the price list for body piercings done by our regular piercers:

  • Anti-eyebrow

    $100 (considered surface piercing)

  • Anti-tragus

    $100 (considered surface piercing

  • Bridge


  • Captive bead jewelry change

    $25 per change, 2 for $40

  • Cartilage


  • Christina


  • Conch


  • Daith


  • Dimple

    $80 each.....2 for $140

  • Eyebrow


  • Forward helix

    $70 each.....2 for $120

  • Hood


  • Industrial


  • Jewellery change

    $15 each........2 for $25

  • Jewellery removal & change (same time)

    $20 each........2 for $35

  • Labret


  • Lip

    $70.........2 for $120

  • Lobe

    $40 each.........2 for $70

  • Medusa


  • Microdermal insert


  • Snakebites


  • Surface piercing


  • Microdermal jewellery top change

    $25, two………. $40

  • Microdermal insert removal


  • Monroe


  • Navel


  • Nipple

    $70 each.........2 for $120

  • Nose


  • Rim


  • Rook


  • Scrumper


  • Septum


  • Smiley


  • Snug


  • Stretch

    $30 each.........2 for $50

  • Surface piercing


  • Tongue


  • Tragus


  • VCH


  • Web


  • Kid ear piercing

    $60 each lobe, both lobes $100 (includes numbing & upgrade to clear crystal jewelry)

Piercings at Half the Price by Our Apprentices

Our apprentices will do all the piercings at half the original price except VCH. Walk-ins are welcome. This offer is not a regular event. Please check below for available dates and times.

Safe and Clean Baby and Kid Piercings

If you are looking to get your kids’ ears pierced, get in touch with our experienced professionals. We use only disposable needles for a clean and safe procedure for your child. Book an appointment in advance as the procedure takes longer for babies and kids. We offer ear piercing for kids and babies at these rates:


  • $100 + HST – includes upgraded jewellery with clear stone plus numbing cream

  • $60 for one lobe

  • $100 for both lobes

  • Note: Piercing jewellery is included at no extra cost.

Microdermal Inserts

We offer two microdermal inserts for $75, whereas regular charges are $100 each. You can get both inserts for yourself, or you can share with your friend. All microdermal insert procedures are performed by our apprentices. We have limited slots. Call us to book in advance with full payment.

Why Don’t We Use a Piercing Gun for Baby and Kid Piercing?


  • Guns cannot be sterilized properly and they could be disease-carriers. Therefore, they are not clean and sanitary.

  • The impact of the piercing gun can collapse the area and cause complications. Therefore, the healing process may take longer.

  • The size of the jewellery used with a gun is huge and may look gaudy on your kid's ears.

  • The post of the jewellery used in a piercing gun is blunt. It forces its way through the skin, causing more pain.

  • Disposable needles are clean and sterile, and hence safe for your kid.

Special Piercings

We perform special piercings such as:


  • Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) piercings at $150 each

  • Microdermal inserts/implants at $120 each

Please note: These special piercings are scheduled by appointment only. To secure the appointment, send an email transfer/Interac transfer to, or by phone with Visa, Mastercard, or Amex, or come in person prior to the booked day with cash, debit, or credit card payment. Call us for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Piercing is a popular body art-form across cultures in the world. But people have a lot of misconceptions and doubts about the health-related aspects of this art. It’s a major reason why many of them do not get body piercing done despite their wishes. We have tried to answer most of the frequently asked questions about body piercing here. Read below to find the answers to your questions.  

Q. Does Body Piercing Hurt?

Different parts of the body respond to piercing differently. Some people are more sensitive than others, and only you can decide which part of your body is sensitive. But remember that it will be over before you know it.

Q. Is There Any Risk Associated With Body Piercings?

Getting your body pierced in a clean and professional place has minimal risks. You should find a trusted body piercing salon and follow the aftercare regime properly. Irritation and minor infections are possible risks that might occur at times.

Q. How Long Will the Piercing Take To Heal?

The healing process depends on many factors, including your body care routine and the precautions you take. Mostly it takes 12 weeks or less for body piercings to heal. But it also depends on the specific body part. Some body parts take longer to heal than others. It’s always best to follow the aftercare regime and let the healing take its course.

Q. How Do I Choose the Right Place?

While looking for a salon to get your body piercings done, check the sterilization techniques, cleanliness and service ratings. Your artist should be able to guide you properly about the piercing procedure and the aftercare routine.


We have tried our best to answer most of your questions about body piercing in as much detail as possible. But if you still have any questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to contact us, and we will address them to the best of our knowledge.

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