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Quality Body Piercing Products in Brampton

Are you still in doubt over the safety and quality of products being used to beautify your skin and enhance your body features? At Tattoo & Piercing School of Canada, we offer various body piercing products to clients in Brampton. Not only do we provide our beloved clients with funky and fashionable items, but we also ensure that all our products are procured from the leading brands in the market. Every product you’ll find in our studios will be backed by us and we take full ownership if any issue arises after taking our services. You can visit our studio for the following products:

If you wish to learn more about our products and services, write to us, our representative will connect with you.

Body Piercing Jewelry

We are a dedicated community of like-minded people where every unique taste of jewelry is valued. You can celebrate your authenticity with our body piercing jewelry that reinforces style. From edgy and fun to organic and traditional, our collection is built to suit your originality. Fuelled with passion and love for our clients, we sell all types of high-grade 316L stainless steel and 925 sterling silver body piercing jewelry. Please see the list below:

  • Navel/belly button piercing jewelry

  • Nipple piercing jewelry

  • Eyebrow piercing jewelry

  • Septum piercing jewelry

  • Ear lobe piercing jewelry

  • Cartilage piercing jewelry

  • Tragus piercing jewelry

  • Daith piercing jewelry

  • Rook piercing jewelry

  • Forward helix piercing jewelry

  • Conch piercing jewelry

  • Snug piercing jewelry

  • Labret piercing jewelry

  • Lip piercing jewelry

  • Monroe piercing jewelry

  • Medusa piercing jewelry

  • Tongue piercing jewelry

  • Web piercing jewelry

  • Smiley piercing jewelry

  • Tunnels for ear lobes

  • Plugs for ear lobes

  • Stretchers

  • VCH piercing jewelry

  • Microdermal insert jewelry

  • Nose piercing jewelry - rings, nose hooks, nose screws, straight backs, and ball backs (sterling silver and surgical stainless steel)


Piercing products are our forte but we do not limit our services. To enhance your personality and bring out the real you in front of the world, we have laid our hands in apparel too. Other than funky jewelry and aftercare products, you can find us selling:

  • Rock T-shirts

  • Rock Hoodies

  • Sports T-shirts

  • Sports Hoodies

  • Funny T-shirts

  • Funny Hoodies

  • Belts

Aftercare Products

If you’ve recently got tattooed or got yourself pierced, one of the first things your artist or piercer will do is to tell you how important it is for you to take care of the spot to minimize the risk of getting an infection. To ensure that our clients get the best possible care after a tattoo or body piercing procedure, we provide the following products from some of the leading brands in the industry.

For Tattoos:

After getting inked, the ultimate goal is to avoid scab formation, which also helps prevent lighted spots or scars from developing on the design. Our artists recommend using a protective ointment or a moisturizer following an appointment with a professional until it completely gets healed. You can try out the following products:

  • H2Ocean skin moisturizing cream

  • H2Ocean skin moisturizing foam

  • H2Ocean skin protectant petroleum ointment

  • H2Ocean Nothing Tattoo Glide and Soothing balm (numbing cream)

  • After Inked daily moisturizer and aftercare lotion

  • Hustle Butter cream

For Body Piercings:

A body piercing is much like a tattoo, one of the symbols of self-expression and liberation. Our professional piercers assist you closely to ensure the safest possible healing process and the long life of your piercing by advising you on the application of the following products.

  • H2Ocean saltwater piercing aftercare spray (for external body piercings)

  • H2Ocean sea salt oral care (for oral piercings)

  • NeilMed piercing spray

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