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Getting Tattoos During COVID-19: Risks and Safety Tips

Did you know that 38% of Canadian adults have tattoos? Whether you already have one or are thinking of joining the other side, one thing's for certain: getting a tattoo in today's world is a whole lot different than before.

With the novel coronavirus pandemic going around, it's important that you stay safe while still enjoying your life.

So if you're getting a tattoo in Brampton, then read on. Here are some risks and safety tips you should know.


Risk: Being in Close Quarters

When you go into a tattoo parlor in Toronto or elsewhere, the main concern is being in close quarters with others. The WHO has specified that being in indoor crowded spaces facilitate aerosol transmission.



To reduce the risk of indoor aerosol transmissions, tattoo artists will have measures in place. For example, they'll reduce the number of clients that are present in the tattoo parlour. They may do this through booking fewer clients and limiting the number of people in the waiting area.

They'll also ask all clients if they're symptomatic when they arrive for their appointment. Anyone who has any possible COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home to prevent the infection of others.

Also, for COVID-19 safety, all staff members will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, masks, and even face shields. Most tattoo parlours will also ask or even require their clients to wear masks as well. Not only that, but they'll strictly enforce a "mask on at all times" policy.

Tattoo shops in Toronto (and other cities) will also put a moratorium on tattoos that are on the neck up. This is to prevent exposure to aerosols.

While you're in Toronto tattoo shops, be sure to socially distance as much as possible and wear your mask correctly.


Risk: The Virus Staying Alive on Surfaces

Considering you're getting your skin broken with needles and ink, it's of the utmost importance that the tattoo parlour you choose has good hygiene practices. So even before COVID-19 hit, they should already have some rigorous policies in place.

The virus can stay alive for up to 28 days in lab settings, which means in real-life situations, it'll survive for much shorter periods on surfaces. However, it's very likely that the coronavirus can survive for at least a few days, so this can be problematic if rigorous cleaning isn't performed.



Some of the lingering microbes on surfaces in Brampton tattoo shops should be mitigated by the use of PPE. For the rest, staff should rigorously clean surfaces and increase the frequency if they have more clients.

Don't touch anything unless necessary when getting Toronto tattoo services and if you do, make sure you promptly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.


Stay Safe While Getting a Tattoo in Brampton

Now you know what the risks and safety tips are for getting a tattoo in Brampton. So long as you're careful and take every precaution you can, you can get inked up and see your dreams come to life on your body.

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