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Different Types of Body Piercings: A Head to Toe Guide

Are you a fan of body piercings and tattoos? If you love this unique look, then why not consider enrolling in a piercing school? At our school and studio, you can not only learn the types of piercings and tattoos, but you get hands-on experience in our Toronto piercing studios. For tattoo and piercing in Toronto and nose piercing in Brampton, The Tattoo and Piercing School of Canada is the place to unleash your creativity and love of unique style. But, what will you learn about piercings? In this guide, we will walk you through the different types of piercings from head to toe.


Different Types of Body Piercings

Pretty much any part of the body can be pierced. From popular nose piercings to the more daring oral and surface piercings. It is important to consider not only your own body but also your lifestyle before deciding to get a piercing. Think about whether your piercing will be practical. Are there certain clothes you need to wear for your job that might cause an issue with body piercings?

There are several different types of jewelry for piercings, these include:

  • Labret Studs
  • Nose Studs
  • Barbells
  • Ear Piercing Jewelry
  • Segment Rings
  • Piercing Retainers

Each of these pieces of jewelry is appropriate for different piercings. For example, a barbell is great for an eyebrow, conch, helix, or belly piercing. Now, let’s look at different types of body piercings.


Ear Piercings


Having your ears pierced is one of the most common forms of body piercing. There are several areas in the ear that you can pierce, including the lobe, upper lobe, cartilage, conch (inside the ear,) and the rook. Another popular choice is the helix in the outer rim.


Oral Piercings


Not for the squeamish, but they do look amazing. Web piercing involves piercing the skin between the upper lip and gum. There is also tongue rim piercing, which can be done in the center or edge of the tongue. If you are keen to have your lips pierced, there are several options including beauty mark piercing, Medusa piercing, snakebite piercing, and angel kiss piercing to name a few.


Facial Piercings


There are so many different types of facial piercings available. Some of the most popular include eyebrow piercing, where the piercing goes through the eyebrow, and anti-eyebrow piercing, where the upper cheek is pierced along the cheekbone. There are also cheek and chin piercings.


Nipple and Navel Piercings


There are 4 places you can receive a navel piercing. The upper rim of the navel, the bottom rim, through the navel, and at the surface near the navel.


Genital Piercings


Not for the faint-hearted, but popular nonetheless! These piercings are obviously different for males and females. Areas of the genitals which are most popular in men and women include the labia, scrotum, foreskin, clitoris, frenum, and anal rim. Once you have decided to get a piercing, knowing how to look after it in order to prevent infections is extremely important. Your piercing professional should give you all the information you need, but it is a good idea to have a proper understanding of piercing aftercare.


Tattoo and Piercing in Toronto

Now that you know more about the types of piercings you can get, why not take your knowledge to the next level? At our piercing studios in Brampton, you can not only become a piercing and tattoo apprentice, but you can also treat yourself to an amazing new piece of body art. Learning how to give a nose piercing in Brampton, as well as other body piercings, is the perfect way to turn your passion into your career. Enjoy full training in our 100% Board of Health approved space, and get the knowledge, and experience of our team of professional instructors.


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